Our structural team has to its credit major highway, roadway, railroad, and bridge structures as well as small stream and river crossings. Our structural design experience includes projects as complex as freeway interchanges, others as simple as pedestrian crossings, soundwalls, retaining walls, and drainage culverts.

Services Provided
  • Bridge Rehabilitation and Widening

  • Structural Analysis and Design

  • Conceptual and Final Bridge Design

  • Structural Construction Inspection and Bridge Inspection

  • Bridge Condition Assessment & Load Ratings

  • Structural Evaluations & Peer Review

  • Structural Repair Designs

  • Construction Management

  • Highway Grade Separations & Intermodal Facilities

  •

engineering requires much the same technical skill and discipline as do the other engineering disciplines, but it requires that the engineer design a project that is not only buildable, but also safe, stable, and affordable. 





Structural Design Services